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Welcome to the Acta Sanctorum Guild site on

     The Acta Sanctorum guild is a casual guild comprised of over 300 characters and is primarily a leveling guild.  We are in the process of leveling characters above level 60 in order to begin raiding available content.  Founded in March 2010, The guild has grown quickly and continues to grow today.  As of April 2010, there is approximately 60 characters between the levels of 60 and 80.

     We are always looking for new members and welcome all levels and classes.  We are looking for more healers to join our ranks.  We have a number of high level characters with are willing to assist teaching those who are interested in healing or tanking in the game.

     Check us out ingame.  You can also find us on Facebook, where we have a group page for the guild.  We have a Twitter account linked to our guild podcast, Warcraft Trade Chat.  Find us on Twitter at tradechatpodcst (no 'a' in podcast).  Our guild podcast is broadcast over the internet on and focuses current shows on starting various classes, info on changes to the game, guild news, hints and tips for gold making, achievements and more.  We welcome questions, comments, hints or tips of your own for the show.  They can be emailed to our show email -
Other Guild News

For the Alliance Run

Acta Sanctorum on Gnomeregan, Sep 2, 10 6:53 AM.
     We are working on a For The Alliance run with our friends from our guild alliance.  We will be forming at least one 40 man group in order to assault the cities of the Horde and hold the cities as long as possible.  Our goal is to get 50 to 100 people to make an overwhelming occupation of the cities, so check out the guild calendar if you are interested in participating.

     For those who have not done this yet, there are several achievements and even a mount you can get for doing all city assaults!

Warcraft Trade Chat #018 - Gold Making Hints with Cooking Recipes

Acta Sanctorum on Gnomeregan, Sep 2, 10 6:50 AM.
     Hey everyone, we've posted the newest podcast this week.  Be sure to check out the show notes and listen in to the show.  It's available for download on iTunes and can also be found on our podcast homepage at

Warcraft Trade Chat #017 - Shamans

Acta Sanctorum on Gnomeregan, Aug 23, 10 10:36 AM.
We have posted a new podcast about starting the shaman class to our shows.  This podcast features the new segment called "The Guild Hall" featuring various guilds throughout the world of Azeroth.  This week, in our premiere segment, we are featuring 'Stormwind Guards,' an Alliance guild on Gnomeregan.  We spoke with their guild leader, Everolas, for a while on the game and his guild. 

Check out the show and check out The Stormwind Guards.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Acta Sanctorum on Gnomeregan, Apr 12, 10 11:58 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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